An Innovative Bubble of Discovery

A research and discovery studio for any major hotel chain must be a fascinating place. Somewhere where these international groups can experiment, develop and play with the latest ideas as well as overcoming challenges and creating unique features for their guests. The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has recently announced their R&D Studio in Toronto, based at its headquarters. Customers are becoming more and more demanding and so to remain at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry they must bring something exceptional to the table. These state of the art facilities contain collaborative workspaces where teams can find inspiration and create. The centerpiece of the Four Seasons’ studio is the 3D replicas of guestrooms, which are made entirely from durable cardboard, giving the flexibility to try unusual room layouts. We are hoping for an invitation to sneak into one of these discovery studios and get a peek at what the next generation of hotel rooms will bring. Riviera’s passion and focus has always been on the luxury travel industry and we love being part of an industry, which continually innovates and develops.