OPPO APAC Pangu Photo Tour 2024

Event Type: Multi-Day Conference, Workshop, Tour

Client Type: Technology

Riviera Office: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Event Production

Event Operations

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Cue Management

OPPO, renowned for pioneering cutting-edge technology in the mobile industry, recently celebrated the launch of its latest innovation, the Find X7 Ultra smartphone. This celebration took the form of the OPPO APAC Pangu Photo Tour 2024 in Thailand attended by a select group of 70 participants comprising of media professionals, Key Opinion Leaders, and OPPO staff.

The event unfolded over several days in the culturally rich province of Chiang Mai, providing an ideal setting for attendees to explore and test the camera capabilities of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. Guests ventured through ancient temples and chic cafes, capturing stunning visuals that showcased the smartphone’s advanced features, effectively blending technology with the art of photography. However, the event wasn’t just about exploring camera features, but also about creating an immersive experience. As OPPO’s official event management company in Thailand, our event planning team curated a series of memorable activities and entertainment, including a traditional Khon performance.

By expertly managing logistics, production, and program execution, Riviera Events helped reinforce OPPO’s market presence and facilitated meaningful interactions among all attendees, celebrating the intersection of technology and cultural heritage.