The Singleton #Richness Discovery

To celebrate the relaunch of the Singleton prestige 21-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky, Singleton relived the second chapter of its #RichnessDiscovery Tour in Beijing atop the iconic Great Wall of China. A number of enriching experiences took guests on an exploratory journey of Singleton’s exemplary flavour. Riviera was honoured to be able to plan and execute the event from creative concept & design through to the management of the culinary experience and event logistics in such a poignant and exclusive location.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, one of The Seven Wonders of the World, coined as the Emblem of China, and otherwise known as The Great Wall, stands proudly as a cultural symbol in China. To mark the Mid-Autumn Festival just past, 20 high net-worth individuals, media and influencers were invited to go on a flavour journey to discover the richness of Singleton.

Around golden hour, guests revelled upon The Great Wall at Jinshanling, as they enjoyed hand-crafted Singleton beverages served up by Tree Mao – a Diageo Reserve World Class China Champion Bartender 2012. The beauty and craftmanship of Singleton’s prestige 21-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky really came to life as they were taken through the tasting notes and flavour profiles of the Malt Whisky.
Zhang Xiaolin, a traditional Beijing-style paper-cutting artist and world Guinness record holder, exhibited a bespoke Singleton paper-cutting art piece that took him seven days to make. The creation incorporated the brand’s signature motif, which really shone against the unique scenery of the Great Wall.

As dusk fell, guests entered the iconic beacon tower, and dined under the moonlight, experiencing Singleton’s epicurean craft through exceptional dinner pairings curated by Michelin-star chefs from the Four Seasons. A traditional Peking Opera added an emotional touch to the special evening as they enjoyed an indulgent evening under the soft moonlight.

The Singleton #RichnessDiscoveryExperience will continue to be a key activation platform for Diageo in China with the goal of creating credential-rich and transformational experiences that are steeped in Chinese culture. Stay tuned for more #Richness!