Ctrip 8.0 App Launch

The launch to surpass all app launches, an exclusive debut of Ctrip 8.0 App was proudly delivered by Riviera. Held at the Modern Sky Lab Shanghai, the grand immersive experience was characterised by a three-story venue that granted VIP access to all the action unfolding on-stage. Upon entry, guests entered an LED motion-sensing tunnel that projected a galaxy panorama, transporting them to a land beyond. Highlights of the night were endless, from alluring minglers to an intergalactic photo backdrop. Needless to say, the conference stage upon which the latest app and updates were unveiled was the ultimate showpiece for the night. The platform was set up with displays from wall to wall, capturing the audience’s utter attention while Sun Bo, the CMO of Ctrip Group, revealed the newest features of 8.0. Riviera Shanghai was ecstatic to incorporate cutting-edge technology and creative solutions to deliver an experience that truly reflected the brilliance of Ctrip’s brand.