Private Dinner hosted by Champalimaud Design

Located on no. 1 Beach Road and deeply anchored in the culture and history of Singapore is the Raffles Hotel. After its recent reopening, Champalimaud Design hosted a private dinner with special guests and media for a night of conversation regarding the story behind its renovation. Riviera created an embellished space that made the guests feel at home. The designer, Alexandra Champalimaud spoke about her inspiration behind the designs and the value of preserving the heritage of the institution whilst bringing it forward to the 21st century, providing the guests “a sense of place, sense of comfort, and sense of peace.” Touring the hotel from the Lobby to the Presidential and Courtyard Suites, everyone was captivated by the exquisite details and history of the space. Have you experienced the grandeur of the new Raffles Hotel? Share your views with us!