Drone Racing League ChinaJoy Activation

Riviera Events had the pleasure of producing DRL’s (Drone Racing League) exhibition booth at the 2019 ChinaJoy tradeshow. Our Shanghai team worked closely with DRL to create an environment that welcomed visitors to learn more about the professional drone racing league for elite pilots. Carefully designing the booth to maximise its impact, we produced a test flying cage that allowed users to experience the excitement of flying a racing drone through a challenging obstacle course. Another part of the booth was home to a simulator experience, which invited users to wear a FPV goggles and fly a drone through virtual space. Additionally, LCD screens featured informative content and drone product displays were on show to ensure DRL had the tools to engage their potential clients. A crowd-pleasing highlight was the guest appearance of Jordan Temkin “Jet”, the champion of the 2016 and 2017 DRL competition series. Riviera was delighted to curate DRL’s ChinaJoy booth and help them build exposure for their brand.