Facebook Gaming 2018 Thailand Game Show Welcome Party

The rumours are true, Riviera is officially landing in Bangkok beginning 2019 and Facebook’s recent welcome party in Bangkok is here to tell the tale. The Facebook Gaming 2018 Welcome Party was held at LEVELs, gathering over 600 creators who were a part of Facebook’s gaming community. Aside from the mesmerising LED shows, the sought-after 316 and Rose Quartz celebrity groups performed for the cheering crowd. Riviera delivered the grand welcome party from concept design, event production to on-site management. Remarkably, the design concept behind the set was a series of levels, each with its own visual design, colours and patterns. When the suspended balloons and merchandise fell from above, it symbolised each person level-ing up (such as that in a game) and receiving new gears. Riviera specialises in delivering immersive experiences that think outside-the-box and reflect the brilliance of the brand. With the success of Facebook’s welcome party, we’re thrilled to step into Thailand and bring our event expertise to the thriving metropolis of Bangkok.