IHG East China General Manager Appreciation Dinner

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) held a grand appreciation dinner for their most prized clients in the Shanghai and Zhejiang province. Riviera brought to stage an impressive affair, creating the design, production, entertainment, and on-site execution. The theme of the night, “InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland”, was visually reflected through the shimmering backdrops, enchanting performances and delightful atmosphere. The climax of the night was definitely the lighting show, which projected beaming lights towards the scenic pond and later up into the infinite sky, illuminating the message “InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland”. Guests enthusiastically applauded as they were taken away by the spectacular show. Riviera and IHG have been long-term partners and it was our pleasure to bring to stage this lavish experience and continue to reflect the brilliance of their brand.