Alexander Wang x McDonalds Studio House Warming

A housewarming party dripping in liquid gold and pure luxury, the McDonald’s X alexanderwang Studio House Warming unfolded in the heart of Shanghai at the Calypso Restaurant & Lounge. Towering arches, illuminated in signature yellow, greeted the VIP guests prior to their entrance into the product launch. A unique pairing between two iconic brands, the McDonald’s X alexanderwang collaboration inspired our team to create an immersive experience that reflected the power of their partnership. Drawing from the intimacy and exclusivity of a New York house party, guests were invited to celebrate the evening in a chic open kitchen and living room setting. Placed front and centre in the venue was a 360º photo booth that encouraged guests to play and capture their favourite moments with the McDonald’s X alexanderwang bucket. The finale of the night was of course when the New York fashion prodigy made his appearance and welcomed the animated crowd. We were ecstatic to craft an extraordinary event and support the successful launch between the two brands.