Giant Mexican Ambassador Doll “Lele” Lands in Shanghai

The ambassador and artisanal Amealco doll “Lele” has landed in Shanghai, after making its debut in the UK and Spain earlier this year. The purpose of displaying this traditional 6-metre doll in an iconic location is to introduce and bring appreciation for the culture and state of Querétaro, Mexico. Placed at the classically Chinese and scenic Yuyuan Garden, Lele sat in the main square as passers-by observed the colourful figurine with curiosity. Riviera’s Shanghai event planning team sourced the venue and managed the exhibition to ensure that the ambassador was portrayed in the most appealing and favourable light. We were delighted to execute the vision of showcasing the Mexican doll in a metropolis like Shanghai and reflecting the brilliance of what the sculpture represents to its country, people and culture.

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