Netzsch Excellence Forum (China)

Riviera supported an employee Excellence Forum for Netzsch Group, an internationally successful family-owned company founded in Germany and a premium supplier of machinery and instrumentation. They conferred on all things related to the company’s brand claim, values, identity and culture. Held at the Hyatt Regency Shanghai Jiading, the conference was an absolute success that fostered team-building, creative thinking and brainstorming. Our team managed everything from concept, back-drop and material design, to on-site production and entertainment. Inspired by the local culture, Netzsch’s Directors made their appearance dressed in traditional shirts embellished with gold threads, a fitting appearance for the coming Chinese New Year festivities! In between workshops and panel discussions, the attendees enjoyed a shift in gears with diverting entertainment. Riviera enjoyed collaborating with Netzsch to support their forum and efforts to foster a culture of growth and learning.