Sofitel Foshan Recruitment Day

As part of the preparations for their grand opening in July 2017, Sofitel Foshan, held its first mass recruitment day at the Grandview Mall, Guangzhou. The enrolment attracted hundreds of people, hoping to find a favourable position in the prestigious hotel. After a three-stage process, the GM interviewed the successful applicants in a room which was transformed to replicate his actual office. Entertainment was provided for those waiting to apply, giving a light-hearted tone to the recruitment process. One of the highlights from the event was the delectable doughnut wall, displaying an array of flavours baked by the hotel’s top chef. Those waiting in line were greeted and invited to try one his delicious creations. It was the perfect opportunity to promote their opportunities and interact with the future talents of the hotel. Riviera South had a fantastic time planning and developing the creative ideas and themes for the day.