A Cartier Convenience Store? Sign. Me. Up.

Like Tiffany & Co’s “Everyday Objects” collection and Off White’s collaboration with IKEA, Cartier’s latest pop-up to promote their jewellery collection, “JUSTE UN CLOU”, takes the idea of pairing luxurious brands with everyday items to a new degree. In the temporary Cartier convenience store located at the upscale area of Omotesando, Tokyo, there are the usual suspects: a copy machine, a cashier and a magazine corner. What stands apart from the ordinary are the isles of gold-exterior drinks, donuts speckled with gold and cups of noodles priced at 330RMB each! The pop-up concept takes into consideration what the convenience store means to the Japanese population: a functional, approachable, and routinely-visited location accessible to all ages. Blending extravagance with “everyday life” products strategically opens the brand to a wider audience and challenges the traditional perception of its unapproachability. Like Cartier’s pop-up idea, Riviera’s design team is always looking to inspire and reflect the brilliance of your brand through the most creative light. Contact Riviera today for your next awe-inspiring event!