A Quiet Escape to Rural Towns in China

The revitalisation of abandoned properties in rural China is on the rise. Each located in remote Chinese towns, these striking hotels are far from the hustle of the city. WuYuan Skywells Hotel, a previously neglected 300-year-old mansion, was carefully restored to its former glory, while maintaining its heritage and introducing elements of modern comfort. Similarly, the Bamboo Craft Village was restored, preserving the construction traditions to erect an impressive inter-weaving roof. The Treewow Tribe features houses enclosed by a sea of bamboo trees to provide comfortable seclusion. Notably, the freeform roof imitates the free-flowing lines of nature that gracefully invites the green landscape into the private space. Marrying the charm of traditional Chinese designs and the opulence of modern living, these estates offer an unparalleled experience. Just like the way the architects cleverly draw on Chinese designs for inspiration, Riviera’s expert team of designers draw on inspirations from around the world to produce spectacular experiences that truly reflect your brilliance. Contact us today to get started on your unforgettable event!