A Unique Exhibition Space is Opening in Wuhan

With an undulating rooftop, underground exhibition halls and a calming atmosphere, the upcoming opening of Qintai Art Museum is set to be an exciting affair. Located by Moon Lake in Wuhan’s Hanyang District, Qintai Art Museum is set to be a multifunctional center that redefines the urban space it presides in.

Photo Credit: Tian Fangfang

Designed by Shanghai-based architecture firm Atelier Deshaus, the museum’s very form is inspired by the natural atmosphere of the lake and topographic contours that reduce the surface volume of the building. Additionally, the abstract, terrace-like rooftop space is designed to be a functional one with risers covered in a silver metal surface that form a winding path paved with white stones and low green plants.

Photo Credit: Tian Fangfang

In collaboration with artist Olafur Eliasson, a light installation was also created to line the rooftop path and change colours as people walk by:

“Every morning or dusk, people may gather from all over to the roof and immerse themselves in a unique artistic atmosphere and landscape. The publicity of the space transcends the museum’s solitary visual image by accommodating people’s activity onto its surface.” – Atelier Deshaus.

Photo Credit: Tian Fangfang

Through the combination of the exhibition hall and the undulating, yet functional, rooftop area, a unique exhibition space and multifunctional venue is born and we can’t wait to see the finished product!

Photo Credit: Atelier Deshaus

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