Affinity in Autonomy Exhibition by Sony

Inspired by Sony’s creation of the robot dog, Aibo, in 1999, Affinity in Autonomy at Milan Design Week explored the developing relationship between humans and droids. Composed of five distinct spaces, the artificial intelligence show took the visitors through the concepts of Awakening, Autonomous, Accordance, Affiliation and Association. In each section, Sony employed its sensor technologies to manipulate how the displaying objects interacted with the visitors. Exploring the idea of robotic intelligence and emotion, the sensory-filled exhibition provoked the users to think about their growing relationship with technology. Riviera Event’s mission is to create unparalleled experiences that take our clients’ guests through an unforgettable journey, reflecting the brilliance of our clients’ brands. Like Affinity in Autonomy, Riviera is constantly innovating and adopting technology-driven tools that enhance and elevate the final experience.