Air Taxis in Singapore

From the regular yellow cabs hailed on the streets to the water taxis that roam through Venice’s canals, now comes Air Taxis that will soon take over the skies in Singapore. Volocopter recently shared the exciting news that they will construct their first mobile vertiport or “Volo-Port” in Singapore later this year. Volo-Port is the only physical infrastructure required to actualise the vision of Volocopter’s eVTOL Air Taxis. These aviation vehicles are the next step to increasing the efficiency of transportation in compact urban areas. A developed country like Singapore serves as the perfect testing ground for the initiative’s potential. Perhaps, what is most exciting about this development is eVTOL’s potential to bring an alternate experience for users travelling through a city or region. Riviera’s Singapore team will certainly be keeping an eye out for Volocopter’s progress.