Art Basel Hong Kong prepares to impress!

Art Basel prepares to keep us all occupied with a plethora of fun and exciting activities across the city, whilst showcasing the world’s high-end modern and contemporary art exhibitions. Art Basel Hong Kong is the latest addition to the family and a perfect location for China’s flourishing art scene. Honoring the traditional method of medium paint, contemporary artist Wang Yin has risen to fame for his unique approach to digital art, his works are a must see at the fair. Another creative to look out for is Shanghai born artist, Lu Yang who explores digital media through the use of technology and science such as VR, magnetic simulation and stereotactic mapping. Visitors will also be the first to see a presentation of two virtual reality artworks by iconic artists Marina Abramovic and Anish Kapoor, bringing an exceptional VR experience advancing the creation of arts through technology. With creativity and inspiration at every corner in Hong Kong, it’s no wonder that we recently expanded our offices to the buzzing city, contact us to bring a touch of Riviera to your next event.