Art Month in Hong Kong

Art Lovers! If you are planning on visiting Hong Kong in the next few weeks, you will be in for a treat. March is the month of art in the vibrant and diverse city. Hong Kong is the most buzzing destination for the best art festivals, exhibitions and events in Asia, and this year will be no different. The city has lined up several exciting showcases to fill your colourful minds with creativity. Where to begin? Featuring a dazzling array of international and local projects, the 45th edition of the ‘Hong Kong Arts Festival’ will be running until the 18th March. With little time in between, the ‘Arts Central’ will launch from the 21st -25th March, drawing inspiration and influences from all over the world. If that isn’t enough, the world’s premier exhibition ‘Art Basel’ will be unveiled on the 23rd-25th March. We look forward to seeing the city transform itself into a beautiful oasis, as we keep our eyes peeled for the next emerging talents.