Asia’s Leading Design Events on the Horizon!

If you’re a local or international manufacturer, an architect, an interior designer, a professional working for a design-led brand, a global industry leader or simply a design enthusiast, you won’t want to miss out on China’s design circuit of the year.

As Asia’s leading design events, this year will see Design Shanghai, Design Beijing and Design Shenzhen coming together to form Asia’s largest network of annual design shows.

While celebrating established and emerging brands, talent and projects within the design industry overall, each of the three upcoming events will bring different focus points to the forefront as a reflection of the cities’ unique environments.

Here’s what you need to know:

Design Shanghai

The leading international design event of the year


Image Source: Design Shanghai

Featuring everything from luxury fashion brands and media titles to leading design / creative studios, Design Shanghai makes for a truly unique experience for all who choose to attend – including as an exhibitor!

At Design Shanghai, you’ll witness a showcase of exceptional designs and find inspiration around every corner from those exhibiting – global established brands and up-and-coming designers alike. As a unique and exciting platform to network and form meaningful connections, you’ll find focus points touching on contemporary design, classic and luxury design, collectible design, kitchen and bathroom design, workplace design, new materials and applications, and much more.

Design China Beijing

The sustainable design China summit


Image Source: Design China Beijing

In order to shine a spotlight on innovative solutions and materials that promote circular regenerative strategies, ground-breaking net-zero design work and much more, Design China Beijing is where experts in sustainable design and development flock.

This year, the annual event will showcase the design industry through a sustainable lens with six distinct themes: Designing a Sustainable World; Circular Design Thinking; Climate Changes Everything; On the Path to Net Zero; Building Sustainability and Green Design, and Nature by Design.

Design Shenzhen

The live design show with a twist


Coming to China’s own ‘Silicon Valley’, Design Shenzhen will highlight the city’s unique environment through design topics that revolve around the integration of technology. Showcasing over 150 curated brands tailored to local architects, interior designers, property developers and design-savvy participants, exhibitors and attendees alike will get to experience the latest in technology-driven design first-hand.

Image Source: Design Shenzhen

“The implications for design are, of course, enormous. And as we are discovering, these implications reach far into lifestyle; our purchasing decisions, what materials and products designers choose to create, decorate and make our homes, work- and play-places comfortable and sustainable, are increasingly driven by technology’s relationship with the natural world. Technosphere and biosphere begin to go – and grow – hand-in-hand.”

Aidan Walker, Forum Programme Director

Design Shanghai, Design China Beijing, Design Shenzhen

Are you looking to exhibit at Design Shanghai, Design China Beijing, Design Shenzhen…or all of the above? Attending exhibition circuits or roadshows such as these can not only boost your connection to a wider target audience, but also showcase your ability to seamlessly integrate into different markets through the creation of bespoke content strategies to suit each segment.

Over the past 15 years of operations, we have helped numerous brands flawlessly showcase their products and/or services at exhibitions and roadshows throughout China, Thailand and Singapore, including: Big Data Expo, China International Import Expo (CIIE), SIAL, China Joy and more.

The key to your success is making sure you’re completely prepared in all aspects: creative strategy and design, trade show booth visualisation, stand fabrication and construction, digital experience integration, program management, audio visual and professional installation.

So, how do you even begin to plan all of these important factors? By sending our team an email at [email protected]