Experience the Historical Wonders of the Bassins De Lumières!

If you were impressed by the Atelier Des Lumieres in Paris and the Carrières de Lumières in Provence, you are in for a treat for their next opening in Bordeaux – the Bassins De Lumières! Formerly a submarine base in the historic city of Bordeaux, the immersive art exhibition will captivate all who enter. Titled as the largest digital art centre in the world, the space consists of four 16-meter deep basins for the main installations and six other segments, showcasing more than 90 different art pieces from iconic artists such as Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee. Bringing the immersive experience one step further, the artworks will be projected as reflections on the water of the four pools within the Les Grands Nenuphars, taking you on an unforgettable visual and audio experience.

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