Be The Star At Any Trade Show

Whether you’ve attended one or thousands of trade shows over the years, the key to success is preparation. Especially if you want to stand out from the rows upon rows of cookie-cutter booths.

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Even if you already know which trade show you want to attend, the key messages or products you want to push, and the return on investment you hope to achieve, there are other elements that you need to take into consideration too.

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Ensuring everything is prepared and ready can be complicated – if an element or a deadline is missed, this can jeopardise the experience.

Here’s how we can help ahead of your next trade show:

Creative Strategy and Design

Our expert creative team will help you craft a unique storytelling and visual identity that upholds the integrity of your brand and incites emotion or reaction.

Trade Show Booth Visualisation

Our team of experienced 3D designers will help you scope a show-stopping trade show booth to reflect your brilliance.

Stand Fabrication and Construction

By working with our network of trusted suppliers and partners, we bring your concept to life in a way that ensures visual and brand consistencies, alongside top-notch quality, throughout.

Digital Experience Integration

Following the digital transformation, we ensure a cohesive blend of hybrid properties that fully enhance the customer experience and your business strategy. By taking your offline presence online, watch your influence spread further than ever imagined.

Program Management

From cue management to show management, we anticipate every detail to flawlessly execute your event.

Audio Visual (AV)

Capitalise on interactions with your consumers and appeal to all the senses by creating visually-captivating and immersive experiences that create a sensory environment that truly reflects your brand.

Professional Installation

Our trained and experienced professionals will ensure timely and efficient installation, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and work on your sales pitch.

BALLY Pop-up Installation

No matter if you’re based in Greater China, Singapore or Thailand, we’re ready to help you scope out a booth that is truly unique and the best fit for your brand. Let us help you strategise your brand’s trade show appearance and maximise your return on investment!

Send us an email at [email protected] to get in touch with the team today.