Best Practice #3 – Content

Next up in our Virtual Event Best Practices is: Content is King

Most of us receive more than one webinar invitation every day and only the ones that provide value and have high quality content will get our attention.

Content is closely linked to one of our previous best practices on audience engagement because if you have good quality content the chances are your audience will be more engaged making for a more successful event.

Using a green screen, you can digitally apply custom designs to the background of your video recordings, allowing great flexibility in the application of the theme and increasing the brand exposure. Take this a step further and upgrade your content with Augmented Reality and have a well- designed stage with interactive information that can be shown through digital programming ahead of time, uplifting the event experience and providing quality content for viewers to engage with.

Double down on ‘Virtual’ with Virtual Reality during your event, bringing your guests customized 3D environments that they can experience alongside a synchronised explanation about a product or item you are wanting to introduce them to.

Riviera can provide a whole host of quality content ideas to make your virtual event a great one. Talented illustrators can produce real-time artwork providing a graphical representation of your speakers and takeaways that are entertaining, informative, and most importantly, widely shareable/post-able. Alternatively, other entertainment can be live broadcast for viewers to enjoy.

Just because you’ve taken your event online it doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain your guests from afar. From pre-recorded performances to live streaming shows, we use advanced technologies to produce the best content.

For some added fun, why not send them coffee or some snacks half-way through and enjoy a coffee break together?

Planning the content of your event is key – reach out to us at [email protected] to start the process.