A Breath of Fresh Air

The Saatchi Gallery in London invites you to a “simulation beyond human perception”. The exhibition, “We Live in an Ocean of Air”, explores the interconnectivity between the human and natural worlds through the exchange of O2 and CO2. Visitors are geared with a VR headset and monitors that track their breath and heartbeat before they begin their expedition. Submerged into a space beyond, the attendees are like scientists who have begun a journey of exploration. Creators of the virtual reality contend that the entire experience provokes the thinking of the visitor, probing them to consider how intricately-connected “air” affects the way organisms thrive and perish on Earth. As an event management company, Riviera is constantly in search for unique methods to transport audiences and elevate experiences. The art show ends in May this year and our design and management teams are itching to follow this magical simulation!