Burning Man 2018 Was Lit

If you do not live in the middle of a desert, you must have heard that the annual Burning Man festival took place in Black Rock City, Nevada last week. A temporary metropolis created in dedication to art and community by self-sufficient participants, Burning Man to most is a life-altering experience. Whether it be BIG architects’ mirrored orb, Arthur Mamou-Mani’s twisting temple, or Josh Zubkoff’s rainbow bridge, these bold art installations are all funded by Burning Man participants and created in support of the theme: I, Robot. In addition to iconic sculptures, Burning Man also features themed camps that inspire you and your partners to explore your deepest desires. Now, shake the dust off your feet and get inspired by Burning Man’s transformative experience whilst planning your next event. Contact Riviera’s design and event planning team to create an awe-inspiring experience that leaves your audience wanting more.