Witness the Future at the China International Robot Exhibition (CIROS) 2018

Who isn’t excited about being one step closer to an in-real-life West World theme park? Oh right, maybe we’re not that enthusiastic about the artificial-intelligence-rebelling-against-humanity thing. Over 500+ robot makers and robotics suppliers gathered from across the world to showcase their newest technological innovations at the recent China International Robot Exhibition 2018. A range of robots was displayed from cleaning, patrol and interactive bots to drones and automated industrial machines. Notably, an artificial intelligence robot, Titan, displayed its ability to converse, analyse and perform an entertaining show. Incorporating technology in events to enhance the experience of the attendees is nothing new, but the inclusion of artificial intelligence robots is undoubtedly the future. Riviera is at the forefront of employing the latest technologies to elevate the luxurious experience of grand openings, gala dinners, exhibition booths, corporate events and more. Contact Riviera today to plan your next ai-inspiring event.