Comfortable in Your Own Skin? Let SK-II’s Future X Store Decide.

Coined a “shop of the future”, the SK-II Future X store recently opened in Shanghai. As China’s first-ever beauty “smart store”, the beauty brand is making noise in the industry for ushering a new era of skincare shopping and utterly transforming the retail experience. The shop is equipped with facial recognition, computer vision, and A.I. technology to create an immersive experience for the shopper. Each user enters with a bracelet that collects their basket and tracks their retail journey. Notably, a proprietary facial scanner is used to analyse users’ skincare needs and makes a set of tailored recommendations for their daily routine. With an increasing number of conscious consumers who demand for unique and personalised solutions, “smart stores” are absolutely the future of retail. Whether it be a smart store, event or pop-up shop, Riviera specialises in creating interactive and immersive experiences that take our clients through a journey and reflect the brilliance of the brand. Contact Riviera and work with our design, planning and event management team to transform your future brand events.