Conferences: Your Virtual Event Guide Map

While progressive reopenings around the world are allowing offline events to re-enter the scene, there is still a large percentage of events that are set to continue to run online. Why? Because of the wide range of advantages that can benefit both hosting company and attendees!

Expanded reach: With travel time, cost and venue capacity regulations no longer a limitation, an increased number of individuals are able to attend.

Increased sustainability: By eliminating the needs for air / ground travel, food, printed materials and more, virtual events allow for a smaller carbon footprint.

Improved accessibility and inclusion: With the involvement of lowered travel costs, video captioning, translation and added safety parameters, this makes it much easier for a broader range of individuals to consume content at your event.

Added convenience: virtual events offer clear agendas and additional flexibility thanks to replayable content, allowing virtual attendees to pick and choose sessions they can, or would like to, attend in a way that does not impact their day.

With this comes the need to continuously revamp and revaluate which events you can take online and how they will be delivered to your attendees in the most impactful and engaging way.


Conferences can be so much more than your run-of-the-mill online meetings – they can be a complete production featuring keynotes, panel discussions, live entertainment, thought leadership sessions and so much more! How do you ensure a successful virtual conference?


Planning a conference can feel overwhelming – even more so when planning a virtual event and having to take tech selection into consideration on top of everything else. Are you in need of guest management solutions? A mini-site? Livestreaming, record and replay functionality? All of this goes into our pre-event decision-making process.

We support you by crafting a unique storytelling concept and visual identity for your event, in addition to generating an impactful communications strategy. In doing so, not only do we help you maximise the opportunities available to introduce products and services to key customers and end-users, but also ensure the right tech solutions and platforms are selected.

Online Invitation

Online RSVP

Pre-event Reminders

Webcasting Solution Selection and Rehearsals

During the Event

During a virtual event, one crucial factor to be mindful of is how you’re going to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Augmenting your next virtual event with new and unique ideas can really help boost engagement levels. We can help you find the best fit and content format for your event to guarantee your success, for example:

Conference scenario set-up

Live subtitle translation

Panel discussion

Live Q&A

Real-time data visualization


The work doesn’t stop as soon as the event ends. It is important to gather and analyse data in order to measure your event’s return on investment and evaluate what resonated with your audience (or what didn’t) so you can make more informed decisions to build future success.


Data collection and analysis

Highlights & Replay on Demand

The sky is the limit when planning virtual experiences. Click “Read more” at the end of this article to learn more about how your company can benefit from our virtual conference services. From pre-event to post-event, we are here to support you in any way.

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