Digital abysses exhibition immerses visitors underwater!

You may remember the famous French artist, Miguel Chevalie from his stunning “Power Flowers 2017” exhibition last year at Shanghai’s Jing An Kerry Centre. Miguel is passionate about exploring the art expression offered by computer technology, which can be seen in his latest work “digital abysses 2018” at France’s bordeaux submarine base. In the 3,500 sq.m monumental space, Miguel created ten immersive installations alongside cabinets of curiosities themed “undersea flora and fauna”. This series was dedicated to raising concerns about the fragility of the ecosystems and awareness of preserving biodiversity. Visitors are able to stroll between surrealistic and realistic surroundings, delving into a magical ocean wonderland created not only by rare objects like shells and fossils, but also 3D-printed sculptures, videos, digital prints, dacryl resin paintings, and laser cuttings. The Riviera team is inspired by how Miguel uses immersive technologies to create unforgettable experiences as we continue to explore innovative ways to increase guest interactions for your future events.