A Chameleon in Disguise, Doug Aitken’s “Mirage Gstaad”

Doug Aitken placed his third installation of the Mirage Mirror House in the Swiss Alps. In 2017, the Mirage made its debut in the outskirts of Palm Springs, and later in 2018, the kaleidoscopic house was placed inside a former bank in Downtown Detroit. With both the exterior and interior composed entirely of mirrors, the maison becomes a chameleon in disguise, perfectly reflecting its exterior, whilst “interacting with the mountain landscape over the changing seasons.” Whether it is in the heat of the desert or the chills of the Alps, Aitken’s work takes in the allurement of its surroundings and casts out an exquisite view. At Riviera, our motto is to “reflect the brilliance of your brand”. Like Aitken’s art piece, we absorb and learn our client’s primary message, and through our events, we illuminate their story through unparalleled creativity and experiences.