“It’s basically all a giant front row”

That is how Willo Perron, the creative director of Drake’s latest tour, described the viewer’s experience of the sensational night. Making use of 200 drones as back-up dancers, a massive LED centre stage and a flying yellow Ferrari, the Aubrey and Three Migos tour was changing the game of live concerts and transcending the visual experience. The LED floor projected videos, from a scorpion in a 3D box to a basketball court and a giant hand emerging from the ground whilst Drake performed his biggest hits. At the pinnacle of the set, the artist’s 7M limited-edition yellow Ferrari, supported by a fleet of tiny propellers, floated across the stage. The room filled with wonder, how could an actual car fly effortlessly above us? The magic that conjured behind the scenes is an industry secret, but we will let you in with a little hint – it had something to do with a helium balloon. We were absolutely awestruck by the intellect and imagination of Perron and his team. Riviera’s design and production team are inspired to create events that make the audience feel as if they are at the front row, witnessing the brilliance unfold.