Make the Most Out of Your Next Exhibition Booth

What comes to mind when you think of an exhibition? Endless rows of cookie-cutter booths with basic signage and uninspiring product displays?

Exhibition booths are fantastic means to activate your brand and boost exposure, but how do you stand out in an expo surrounded by thousands of others? Riviera shares their top 4 tips to guarantee your booth’s success.

1. Define the Objective
What is the purpose of your booth? Consider what you would like the consumers to take away. Do you want to educate them about your brand? Generate new leads? Debut a new product? Confirm a clear goal, so that you can craft the journey based on what you want to achieve.

2. Make an Impression
Incite an emotion or reaction by creating a memorable experience. A multi-sensory booth that takes the consumers on a journey strengthens the consumers’ association to the brand. Interactive displays and technology are a fantastic means to engage with your consumers and capture their attention. Creativity aside, be sure to maintain visual and brand consistencies throughout. Working with trusted vendors makes all the difference, as the feel and quality of your booth will represent your brand just as much as your product or service.

3. Amplify Your Exposure
Capitalise the interactions with consumers by creating visually-captivating experiences. Create an opportunity for consumers to shout about your brand. Let the consumers be the mule to broaden your reach. Take your offline presence, online and watch it spread like wildfire.

4. Define KPIs and Measure ROI
Of course, at the end of the day what matters is the numbers. How has your booth generated and converted leads for your brand? Set targets, define KPIs and measure the ROI to evaluate your investment.

Premier Event Agency, Riviera, are experts when it comes to booth design having over 14 years of experience as Asia’s leading event management company. With offices across Thailand, Singapore & Greater China, our team are driven and full of passion to create something unique for each of our clients, helping them scope out what best fits their needs. Don’t let your next trade show booth slip under the radar, leave a lasting impression on your consumer. Be bold.