Experience the 12th Annual Shanghai Biennale

The 12th Annual Shanghai Biennale is upon us! This year, the theme “Proregress – Art in the Age of Ambivalence” explores E.E. Cummings’ idea of progress and regress, a constant swing between moments of transformation and stagnation, gain and loss, openness and fear, etc. In Mandarin, the title is Yu Bu (禹步), a mystic dance step of Daoist ritual that makes the dancer look like he or she is moving forward while going backwards simultaneously. What the exhibition hopes to achieve is to explore the enigmatic concept that is deeply rooted in today’s society through contemporary art. Notable exhibitions are Cristina Lucas’ “Clockwise” and Pablo Vargas Lugo’s “Eclipse”, both stood out as immersive experiences that provoke thought and consideration. Take a look for yourself, the Shanghai Biennale has just begun and will last until March next year!