Fresh Off the Ritz-Carlton Yacht

The Ritz-Carlton launched an exclusive Yacht Collection, promising luxurious suites, active explorations, stirring sights, and an “opportunity to be untethered”. A statement of luxury travel, Azora was unveiled as the venture’s first of many extravagant vessels. Travelling through the means of a cruise for an all-inclusive and deluxe experience is on the rise. It is then no surprise to find the hospitality brand sailing its way into the market as it enters its “golden age”. In true Ritz-Carlton fashion, the new endeavour not only offers distinct travel routes through the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Northern Europe, it also provides personalised service, fine dining and unparalleled amenities. While the bespoke voyages will officially set sail in 2020, reservations have already begun! Riviera is optimistic about the prospects of the undertaking and looks forward to the potential of delivering events on unique venues like a yacht to elevate guest experience.