“Future of Today” Exhibition @Wuhan

“Future of Today” is a new media art exhibition which created quite a buzz in Beijing, Chengdu and New York last year, and now it’s coming to Wuhan! The exhibition will be on until the 16th of July and aims to explore various forms of artistic expression with the help of technology, to make the audience hear, see, and feel the “future”. The highlight of the exhibition will be the 25-meter long and 8-meter high 3D main hall, where artists like Refik Anadol and Hong Qile will wow you with mind-blowing immersive experiences. VR enabled showcases and interactive installations from Bi Ling will also keep viewers entertained and inspired. As people are becoming more and more experience-savvy, our event specialist team at Riviera are keeping up to date with such exhibitions, in order to create the next-level of events through cutting-edge technology and concepts.