Giving “Life on the Go” a Brand-New Meaning

Space 10, IKEA’s innovation lab, released “Space on Wheels”, a concept series of seven autonomous vehicles to display the possibility of “life on the go”, that can enable a more fulfilling everyday life, anywhere you go. The project has infinite potential – it can be a remote office, a mobile healthcare centre, an urban sleepover hotel, a farm, and so forth. The invention explores the idea of self-driving cars and its ability to bring traditionally stationary entities to users on-demand. Along with the release, the innovation lab shared an app that would allow users to book the automobile through augmented reality (AR), which paradoxically added a layer of authenticity. With a significant increase in the requirement for on-demand services through apps that cater to individual needs, this innovation is a probable reality in the near future. Perhaps the idea will make for a great vehicle to set up pop-up shops, exhibition booths and product launches on the go! Riviera always has an eye on any technological innovations that might enhance the event production experience.