“Ok Google”, How was CES 2019?

Google’s massive three-story booth designed by their in-house team at CES this year made waves at the annual tech conference. As the onlookers approached the tech giant’s building, the enormous LED screens covering the edifice welcomed them in with clever and animated messages. Once the attendees made their way into the vibrant playground, they were free to roam and explore different rooms, scenarios and walls, creatively displaying the company’s most prized technology. The greatest and most exhilarating aspect of it all was perhaps The Google Assistant Ride, where the leading tech brand literally took the conference attendees on a wild roller coaster ride! Once the trip began, the riders were fully immersed in the story of a Disney-esque family, following the characters along with their adventures while products were cleverly used throughout. Exhibition and experiential booths are perfect opportunities to activate potential leads and share the story of your brand in a cohesive and impactful manner. Riviera’s design and production teams were inspired by the concept behind the CES booth and look forward to crafting experiences like such for our clients this year!