Hello Bangkok, We’re Here!

Riviera has recently opened its first office in Thailand. We sat down with our co-founders, Stephane de Montgros and Benoit Thebaut, to understand why we made this exciting move. Join us to learn more!

1. Why did Riviera choose Bangkok as the location for its 8th office?

Stephane de Montgros: There are a number of reasons that inspired us to choose Thailand. The first was that The Hotelier Awards, our sister company, hosted an event in Bangkok in early 2018 and we were taken aback by both the high prices and low quality of service by the vendors on offer. These first impressions were later reinforced when our most loyal clients started approaching us and voicing similar, so we started to offer our services in Bangkok by leveraging the support of our South China offices. It turned out to be a great success and showed us the real potential the market held.

Thailand and China share a unique and friendly relationship. This tropical paradise is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists and Bangkok is becoming an increasingly attractive hub for large-scale corporate events. Alongside incredible fine dining and a thriving culinary scene, it affirmed our belief that the market was ready to welcome a high-end international event planning agency like Riviera.

Benoit Thebaut: For me, I first saw the potential for a new office in Thailand when I moved my family to Phuket 3 years ago. Personally, I have always felt connected to the region, which is full of potential and promise. The Land of Smiles is an ideal market for Riviera’s expansion, as a gateway to the rest of SE Asia. We are confident that our experience in Greater China delivering MICE for corporations provides us with a competitive edge that can meet the demand of the luxury travel market in the two major Thai hubs, Bangkok and Phuket.

In addition to this, we worked very closely with our client Facebook to deliver several of their events in Bangkok and quickly learned that a different approach was needed. Working in challenging markets is something we have expertise in and thus it seemed like a great place to use that know-how.

2. What kind of expertise and unique offerings can Riviera bring to the existing event production market in Thailand?

Stephane de Montgros: Riviera Events has positioned itself as a premium quality event agency that is competitively priced. Over the past 13 years, our quality standards have continually improved whilst navigating through the demanding and highly competitive market in Greater China. Working with prestigious brands, such as Peninsula, Facebook, or Emirates leaves no room for compromise when it comes to quality; exemplifying the level to which we must deliver.

Jean-Yves Fargeat, French National, will be leading the development. With an engineering background, he has over 10 years of experience in Thailand under his belt. Together with a team of driven talents and the support of our existing operations, Jean-Yves will roll-out our growth plan.

Benoit Thebaut: Riviera brings years of experience and a structured approach towards delivering consistent and quality events. We offer a “one-stop solution” with all services such as concept, design, venue-sourcing, event production, management and on-site execution all provided in-house and under one roof. Our centralised approach sets us apart as a premier events agency in a fast-paced and demanding environment. We are confident that our business model will meet the needs of Thailand’s thriving MICE scene.

3. What gets you most excited when you touch down in Bangkok?

Stephane de Montgros: As an entrepreneur, what excites me the most is seeing business opportunities. I am a firm believer that what matters is not where you are, but where you are heading. Whenever I touch down in Bangkok, I strongly enjoy watching how things have developed and advanced visit after visit. I am confident that Riviera Events can humbly contribute to the growth of the city and take its event scene to the next level.

I am very thankful for this opportunity! Thank You for welcoming us; Kob Kun Krub / ขอบคุณครับ!

Benoit Thebaut: I’m always excited at the idea of discovering something new; it could be food, the art scene or industry know-how. But the energy and the fast pace of this city is also what I come back for. In a sense, it reminds me a little of Shanghai’s energy when I first arrived in China. I am an entrepreneur, I like doing new things and opening a company in a new country is extremely exciting for someone like me.