High-tech Cruise Ships Heading our Way!

Earlier this year we heard about cruise ship company Carnival’s mission to roll out Ocean Medallion tech wearables to change guest experiences on deck. The cruise industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down with a continual influx of innovation on the rise. Royal Caribbean Cruises have been showcasing their cutting-edge concepts and future tech plans during a recent event, as they plan to take a leap to smart cruise ships. Guests will be able to check-in to their rooms using facial recognition, order F&B to be delivered anywhere on the ship using a tracking server and sleep in a stateroom with changeable LED screens offering simulated scenery of the outside waters. Although these ideas seem like plans for the future, it could all become real sooner than you think with 30% of the technologies in place by 2018. This would be the perfect way to take your future cruise event to the next level, we can’t wait!