Historic to Hip: Revitalised Venues

The most unique venues you can find in a city aren’t always the newest, most-cutting edge architectural marvels. Sometimes, they’re housed within charming historic buildings or previously abandoned structures. What’s more, buildings that are given this new lease of life offer more unique spaces that encourage the revitalizing of communities and the spaces in which people can connect with one another.

“When architecture is successfully repurposed, it does not hide its history, but instead becomes a relic, projecting its identity into a new age, and embodying the contradictory qualities of tradition and innovation, of preservation and progress.” – Kaelan Burkett, an author at Architizer.

Take a look at two ways buildings across Greater China and Thailand have been repurposed into more unique and/or efficient spaces recently:

Buduo Teahouse

Xiamen, China

Designed by Wanmu Shazi, Buduo Teahouse is situated in Nanshan Village, Xinmin, in Xiamen, China. Surrounded by lush rolling hills and local farmland, this distinctive space was once an abandoned cement factory and to this day still features the original – and now regenerated – giant cement towers.

Working alongside other artists and designers, each of the 15m tall cylinders were converted into living rooms, multi-functional rooms, courtyard and tea room. Each space features carved-out window openings that frame the stunning outdoor landscape, while minimal finishings of tactile wooden floors, textured coatings and unique light environment all work together to form a cohesive space, minimalistic design and the factory’s original structure all work together to enhance the beauty of the venue.

It is a space that encourages visitors to slow down and embrace a sensory experience.

Photo Credit: 1988 Photography Studio / A Qi

Gimme Shelter Café and Workshop

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Housescape Design Lab transformed an old warehouse, while maintaining the building’s original structure, into Gimme Shelter – now a multi-functional space that consists of café, restaurant, office and workshop area.

Using the original structure of the old warehouse, simple lines separate key areas while allowing natural light to flow through the entire area. Commonly found industrial materials not only add to the story of this building’s origin, but seamlessly adapt into the overall ambiance of this renovated space.

The refurbished venue is now one that encourages both communication and connection – not only between the people who visit, but between people and nature – thanks to the open, fluid space.

Photo Credit: Rungkit Charoenwat

Ultimately, a space (and venue) is what you make of it, but selecting the right venue for your next activation can strengthen the way you tell your brand’s story. Whether you’re looking to rent a minimalist space that you can transform or hoping to find a venue that speaks for itself, our expert team has their fingers on the pulse on the latest available venues and are here to help.

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