HoloLens 2, Transforming How We Experience the World

The HoloLens, an immersive, interactive and ergonomic VR headset device produced by Microsoft, took the conference attendees by surprise with the launch of 2.0 at the Mobile World Congress 2019. The product overlays the digital world onto the physical space, allowing users to operate intangible digital instruments in reality. Think futuristic sci-fi films where the protagonists are able to access and interact with screens out of thin air. Without doubt, the application of the HoloLens 2 in the event realm is infinite. Currently, immersive VR experiences are offered as part of Riviera’s event production services. This device takes it one step further, adding the potential to integrate virtual elements with the physical space, creating a “mixed reality”. Our creative and event planning team are keen to follow the latest technological trends and their prospects of enhancing the experiences we create for our clients. What could be next?