How Influencers Can Amplify Event and Experiential Marketing

Brands and marketeers often class event marketing and influencer marketing as two different strategies, independent of one another – however today, it’s a different story. They have become more intertwined, with influencers becoming integral to brand events and live experiences.

In Southeast Asia, influencer marketing inspires action: 74% percent of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if influencers are talking about it on social media. Even more so, they would resort to influencer recommendations second to close friends and family.

Developing an integrated event and influencer marketing campaign makes sense because they have a range of similarities – they’re both interactive, use emotion and passion, are direct forms of contact and they easily stimulate conversation.

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of having influencers and how they can amplify brand events and experiences.

Building Buzz

The visibility that an influencer brings to a live event or experience is a huge benefit to not only drive awareness of an event, but to also bring in more attendees and potentially more leads for your business. This, however, isn’t a new concept – celebrity appearances have been around for a long time. The difference is, with influencers, targeting a niche (using micro-influencers) and extending the conversation and buzz online through social media is achievable.

In fact, many brands are turning towards micro influencers to appear at and market events. This is because, instead of an influencer with a large but un-invested following, micro influencers tend to have a more tight-knit and highly engaged audience. In this sense, their audience are much likely to take action, buy tickets to the event, and participate in other promotional offerings.

Earned Media

Consumers view earned media as the most authentic form of marketing, and the key reason for this is there is less hard sell. If your event is struggling to get media attention or deploying paid advertising on social media isn’t giving you any returns, an influencer partnership can be the newsworthy jumpstart you need.

Involving the influencer throughout the event from start to finish is key. From pre-event collaboration, to attending the event and sharing content post event – you will be able to reach an audience who can relate to the influencer and the event, and even better, you’ll increase your chances of being picked up by media.

Local Leverage

If you’re launching an event in a new country or area you aren’t familiar with, spending your budget only on traditional and digital ads may not suffice. Inviting and collaborating with local influencers can give you a boost in headlines and awareness. What’s great about this is if your event is multinational and changes locations each year, a local influencer relationship can go a long way.

More Authentic Partnerships

Picking the right influencer, one that has a natural and authentic advocacy for the brand, will not only help your event reach a wider audience but will also foster longevity and a consistent face for the event. This long-term partnership, which usually involves giving the influencers an enjoyable and immersive experience hand in hand with event attendees and consumers will amplify the status of the event and encourage a more streamlined content strategy to promote the event.

Stimulate Content Creation

User generated content often comes from consumers on social media and is usually initiated by those who have had a great experience from the event. For this to work, the event itself will need to be special, unique, and have that wow factor that will get attendees to take their phones out and start posting about the event on social.

Influencers can also create high authority user generated content, and events provide the perfect opportunity for them to do so. This is one of the key reasons why brands invest in large scale and luxurious events, as the location and key elements of the event are ‘Intagrammable’, with influencers being unable to resist sharing them on their social channels.

Even through certain events tend to be a one-off or yearly occurrence, it doesn’t mean that content or social media activity should only happen during the dates surrounding the event. Influencers can be involved and commissioned to create content in the run up, throughout and after the event in order to create the biggest buzz.

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