Introducing China’s First Major Design Museum in Shenzhen

Finishing touches are being made to the construction of China’s ‘first major design museum’ located in the Shekou district of Shenzhen. The futuristic four-story building will collaborate with the V&A Museum in the UK to hold a permanent gallery space for major collections, from photography to art, theatre and performance. The inaugural exhibition will transport visitors into a world of immersive design, reflecting the impact of digitalisation in China and around the world. Over the last decade, China has invested a great deal in museums to help boost creativity and develop a strong audience for art and design. Shenzhen itself has played an important role in modernising the country so it will be great to see this new landmark foster a link between design and society as it proudly takes its place on the western coast. We look forward to the completion of this building and seeing how the project will work towards elevating China’s creative economy.