James Bond museum opens on the summit of an Austrian mountain

“One vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.” James Bond is the villain-fighting, charming, and womanising spy that won over the adoration of audiences across generations. Now, with the opening of a James Bond museum, it is possible to visit a 007 villain’s secret lair. Within the space, ten unique rooms unfold to reveal interactive installations that display the elements involved in the making of the Spectre film. Not to be missed is the open-air Plaza, providing a panoramic view of the scenic snow mountains ahead, and the Tech Lab, showcasing the innovative technologies employed in the film. The ultra-futuristic museum, sitting on the very location that one of its films was produced, truly immerses the audience in a multi-sensory storytelling experience. Riviera’s design team is delighted in creating an exhibition that not only transports the audience but also delivers a unique narrative. Contact Riviera today for your event planning and management needs.