Journey to 2071 with Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Have you ever thought about what the world could look like if we were able to transform the moon into a source of renewable energy for our planet, or wanted to experience the restorative effects of movement, meditation and water?

Photo credit: Museum of the Future

With a lot of countries around the world finally opening back up following an extended hiatus, everyone’s got their eyes to the future in the hopes of a better tomorrow, and with that comes an exploration of how we can further innovate and shape future lives for the better.

Photo credit: Museum of the Future

As the latest new landmark and cultural destination to open in Dubai, The Museum of the Future aims to help its visitors do just that by engaging all of your senses and enabling a deep-dive into near-future technologies from the world’s leading innovators.

Photo credit: Visit Dubai

The concept of the building itself is one that allows both the past and future to intersect perfectly while acting as a fantastic example of how sustainable developments can be implemented to yield tangible benefits – in the case of The Museum of the Future, that means a 45% reduction in water and total energy savings of 25%!

Photo credit: Visit Dubai

The torus-shaped building also showcases remarkable innovative design work and construction. With its stainless steel façade covered in windows that form a poem in Arabic calligraphy – written by Dubai’s leader about his vision for the future – the Museum of the Future is a distinctive combination of future progress alongside cultural and regional design influence.

Photo credit: Visit Dubai

Meanwhile, within the museum, you’re invited to inhabit the skies, discover new worlds, witness the wonder of nature, revive your senses and so much more in order to see yourself – and the world – with new eyes through experiencing the future of space travel, ecology, health and wellness, and so much more.

Photo credit: Buro Happold

Both online and offline, The Museum of the Future utilises its concept, design, venue, and immersive experiences to successfully connect with their visitors in a meaningful way – something we can all take inspiration from when planning for the future.

Photo credit: Dezeen

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