Let Prague’s Signal Festival 2018 Inspire You

Czech Republic held its 6th annual Signal Festival at its historic capital, Prague. Considered the largest cultural event of the nation, the festival invites citizens and visitors for a city-wide immersive experience over four nights to celebrate and appreciate the city’s streets, landmarks and urban spaces. This year, the festival took the starry-eyed onlookers through a journey in three parts of the city: Karlín, Centrum and Vinohrady. Remarkably, a group of experts in 3D sensors and video mapping projected a black hole into the city’s neighborhood courtyard, transporting the onlookers to an outside land. An equally impressive experience was “Sky on the Earth”, a physical manifestation of what seemed like giant clouds engulfing passersby, whilst strong thunderstorm beats played. Riviera strives to create immersive experiences that transport the audience and reflect the brilliance of our clients’ brand. Contact Riviera’s Design and Event Management today to bring your remarkable ideas to life.