A Letter from Our Founders

Dear friends,

As we face grave responsibilities as global citizens to take care of the environment and *maybe* attempt to reverse or halt the detrimental effects of human activity on Earth, we started to think about how we can do our part as a company contributing to an industry that is deemed “wasteful”?

For over 14 years, we have been focused on becoming a leading event agency and delivering impeccable services that made our customers happy. As a result, our consideration for the environment was put on the back burner and left in the basement with the door shut.

“In my personal life, I have always involved my family in recycling initiatives, such as ecobricks in Thailand. I thought to myself, “if I was setting an example to my family about the importance of caring for our environment, why wasn’t I doing the same in the company that I founded?” With frequent business trips, event productions, and materials used then disposed, it was time to take responsibility and become a driver for change in our industry.” – Benoit Thebaut

The events industry is notoriously known for creating a massive amount of carbon footprint, from custom-made plastic banners, backdrops and materials to gathering a large number of people to a single location via flights and other forms of transportation.

After learning and reading up about how to become more sustainable, we know there is no “quick fix” or “perfect solution”, but we had to start somewhere. With over 9 offices across Greater China and South East Asia, our teams fly regularly across the region. We chose to tackle the footprint our company creates via air travel as a first step.

Follow our journey as we take our initial steps to become more sustainable and carbon neutral.

Benoit Thebaut & Stephane de Montgros