Live Streaming the Events of the Future

Live streaming has been a popular marketing tool this year playing a positive role in brand strategies to expand their audience reach. Everyone seems to be jumping on the live stream train, but does that mean it’s the right strategy for you? If engagement is an important goal for your brand then it may be a path to consider as it allows you to invite your audience in and make them feel like they are participating in a shared experience.

The event industry is surely warming up to the idea of welcoming virtual attendees to their conferences, meetings and launches, including a huge percentage of top brands and organizations. Victoria’s Secret created quite a stir during their recent Fashion Show here in Shanghai.Whilst virtual hopefuls geared up to watch the catwalk live, it turned out that there was never any plan to broadcast the event in the first place, leaving their audience in suspense until the fully edited video is released. Marketing tactic? Who knows?

With one of their angels taking a graceful tumble on the runway, perhaps it was their way of ‘playing safe’. There is no editing involved in broadcasting and as with anything live, things can go wrong. Although, is it this raw footage and thrill that viewers seek.

The VS show was a perfect example of how things might not go to plan, with the temporary disaster going viral within minutes and reaching over 500 million views within 24 hours. One could argue it reached the outside world just as quick as it would, had it been live.
We are a demanding generation who want to see things happening in real time, and we want it now. There is no time like the present to open your brand and invite the world in to be a part of it.