The New Luxury Space Hotel 

With human life now spread across the entire globe, it is only normal that we begin to consider what is beyond the realms of planet earth and to look at what our space ambitions will be like in decades to come. However, before we take off into outer space, we need to ask ourselves where are we going stay? After winning a recent NASA competition, students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began to address this concern by designing a luxury accommodation for those trips beyond what we know as home. The out-of this-world experience can accommodate up to sixteen guests in eight inflatable rooms and provide an incredible view of the universe. You may need to start saving sooner than you think though, a two-week holiday in the hotel will set you back $5 million. We certainly think this could provide the ultimate wow factor for your next event setting. An experience that is sure to impress and a chance to explore the fascinating world beyond our own.