Milan Design Week 2018

The trendsetting city of Milan is buzzing once again for the highly-anticipated Design Week. The showcase will kick off tomorrow with a plethora of ‘must-sees’ from over 2000 international exhibitors, including artist Masahiko Sato and Japanese electronic giant – Sony. These brands are preparing to take design concepts to the next level and explore the senses through the use of art and technology. Other showcases to not miss are Piuarch’s agrAir exhibition and Carlo Ratti’s “living nature” garden pavilion, which perfectly explore the relationships between architecture and environment. A large-scale sculptural installation titled “Open Sky” will also be on display. Curated by fashion brand COS and American artist Phillip K. Smith III, the spectacular merges the sky and the earth together using reflections and light-based technology. Design is everywhere and good design speaks for itself. Give your brand a competitive edge and make it stand out through a beautifully designed event by Riviera.